• Do not use grease or oil-based lubricants to aid in the tire installation.
  • Do not use levers or other tools to mount the tires as seals near the beads may become damaged and produce air leaks. You may use, provides that you can use only "TIRE LEVER FOR IRC TUBELESS TIRES"

Tire Mounting

  • Not applying soapy water to the rim and around the entire bead of tire may cause air leaks.
  • After mounting tire, if air leakage occurs, it is possible that the seal is not perfect, so please try applying soapy water again to the rim and around entire bead of tire.

  1. To assist in tire mounting, first apply soapy water to the rim and tire(fig.1). Beginning at the rim edge opposite from the valve stem, seat the tire bead at the bottom of the rim crease. Be sure the bead is completely seated near the valve stem(fig. 2).

  2. Flip the wheel and install the second bead with the same process(fig.3 & 4).

  3. After confirming that both beads are evenly seated in the rim(fig.5), inflate to 600kpa.

  4. After confirming that the rim line is uniform(fig.6), let the air out of the tire and confirm that the beads are locked into place on the rim.

  • If the beads are not locked into place, when the air is let out of the tire beads will fall to the center of the rim. In such a case, refit the beads onto the rim.
  • After confirming that the beads are locked into place, fill the tire with air to the specified air pressure. Use after confirming there is no air leakage in the tire.