• Do not use grease or oil-based lubricants to aid in the tire installation.
  • Do not use levers or other tools to mount the tires as seals near the beads may become damaged and produce air leaks. You may use, provides that you can use only "TIRE LEVER FOR IRC TUBELESS TIRES"


Installing a Tubeless Ready tire without an inner tube

  1. First apply IRC tire fitting lotion or soapy water to the rim and tire beads to assist in a Tubeless Ready tire mounting.

  2. Check the tire rotation if matching a rotation of wheel. Fit an either side of beads ompletely into the center of rim channel starting from an opposite side of the valve stem.

  3. Repeat as same process as shown in the Step 2 for the other side of beads but leave a spot unmounted to funnel tire sealant at next step.

  4. Shake IRC tire sealant before use. (fig.1)

  5. Hold the wheel perpendicularly and rotate the unmounted spot downward, and funnel a
    proper amount of tire sealant from the unmounted spot. (fig.2)
  6. Complete a fitting of the second bead. Be careful to avoid spilling the funneled sealant out. (fig.3)

  7. Inflate to 50psi/3.5bars for bead seating. Make sure if the tire beads are properly seated. (fig.4)
    * We strongly recommend to use a compressed air source for an easier and proper bead

  8. Spin the wheel to have tire sealant distributed to the inner surface of tire entirely. (fig.5)

  9. Adjust tire pressure to preferred setting but not exceeding air pressure shown on sidewall of tire.