ust markAll IRC tubeless tires are certified by Mavic to be Universal System Tubeless(UST) certified.

  • Do not use grease or oil-based lubricants to aid in the tire installation.
  • Do not use levers or other tools to mount the tires as seals near the beads may become damaged and produce air leaks.
    You may use, provides that you can use only "TIRE LEVER FOR IRC TUBELESS TIRES"
  • IRC UST tubeless tires are only compatible with tubeless rims. Do not mount tubeless tires on non UST compatible rims unless also installing a standard type inner tube.

Tire Mounting

  • Not applying soapy water to the rim and around the entire bead of tire may cause air leaks.
  • After mounting tire if air leakage occurs, it is possible that the seal is not perfect. so please try applying soapy water again to the rim and around entire bead of tire.

  1. To assist in tire mounting, first apply soapy water to the rim and tire.
  2. Beginning at the rim edge opposite from the valve stem, seat the tire bead at the bottom of the rim crease(fig.1).
  3. Be sure the bead is completely seated near the valve stem(fig.2).
  4. Flip the wheel and install the second bead with the same process(fig.3).
  5. Position the beads at the bead seats and inflate with the minimum pressure necessary for tire to take shape and hold air(fig.4).
  6. Spin the wheel and inspect for prominent "hops" in the tire profile that indicate a poorly seated bead. (fig.5 & 6) Re-seat beads as necessary.
  7. Inflate to 50psi/3.5bars and inspect tire again. If tire is correctly seated, inflate to preferred setting within the range printed on the tire sidewall.