ASPITE PRO WETAspite Pro Wet features file like tread designed to provide rain grooves. Thanks for the new engineering, Aspite Pro Wet insures high grip capability and significant cut resistance even in rain.
*Aspite Pro Wet uses RBCC compound.Available in 24c.
WO 700 x 24c aramid 180 100-130psi / 7.0-9.0 bars 205g

Cross Gurard++

As the result of using 40x40tpi cross mesh X-Guard belt on top of casing (bead to bead), Aspite Series managed to improved 40% more against side cut resistance (dry/wet conditions) *When conventional products used on dry condition are set as 100


Aspite Series are designed with aero fins next to tire bead. Aero fins fills the gaps between rim and tire. the data showed 4% less air drag loss then other conventional products. *When conventional products used on dry condition are set as 100


Rice Bran Ceramic is, as its moniker suggests, derived from simple, ordinary, everyday rice. What we do to it, however is anything but. Rice bran (or the outer husk of an individual rice grain) is ground to a fine powder, mixed with a thermosetting resin, and super-heated. When cooled, the block is pulverized to create millions of porous, ball-shaped structures with semi-rigid fingers extending in all directions. These Rice Bran Ceramic "balls" are then kneaded with the rubber and molded into tires. The spikes which extend from the RBC reach out and grab the uneven road surface for increased traction while the pores will wick water from the road surface to create a larger tire-to-road contact patch.