MYTHOS XC tube type tire for non compatible UST rim
Apply the same tread pattern and sizes from MYTHOS XC TUBELESS model. The 60 tpi casing has durability and the toughness for side cutting damages. Available in 2 width with the folding bead or steel wire bead.

HE 26 x 1.95 aramid 40-60psi / 2.5-4.0 bars 520g
HE 26 x 2.10 aramid 40-60psi / 2.5-4.0 bars 595g
HE 26 x 2.25 aramid 40-60psi / 2.5-4.0 bars 610g
650 x 52b NEW
(27.5 x 2.10)
aramid 40-45psi / 2.5-3.0 bars 605g
MYTHOS XC technology to “Win the XC race!”

[1]Compact and lightweight without downgrading its performance.
Ensured rigidity and abrasion-resistant, compact and lightweight knobs are now available. Double tiered knobs from the center to the shoulder ensured rigidity and abrasion-resistance. Compact and lightweight knobs are now available. Another benefit is the decrease of skipping and chipping knobs.

[2]The best knob pattern positioning gives an advantage in the race.
Alternately positioned center and outer knobs, while side knobs slightly stick out to make it possible to perform smooth and sharp cornering. Have excellent grip with lightweight tires.

[3]Lower triangle knobs are the must-not-forget supporting performer.
Lower positioned triangle knobs prevent punctures from sharp objects. Plus, function to resist sliding.