Is this the air leaking?
Occasionally some tires show similar signs to air leakage, caused by the residual air being pushed out from the nylon fiber while the product is still new. This will not cause any problem to its quality. If the air continues to leak out→ Apply soapy water on the tire to find the location of the air leakage.
Air leakage from the valve→ Check the rubber seal rings and looseness.
Air leakage from the bounds of rim and tire→ A failure of seating the bead into the rim causes the air leakage from between the bead and the rim. ※A failure of seating the bead can still occur even if the rim line appears straight.
If that happens, deflate the air and release the beads on the both sides of the rim. Then apply soapy water to the rim and beads thoroughly and inflate with air again.
Then once again, check for air leakage.
Using soapy water is very necessary to seat the bead on the rim properly
(※Wipe the tire thoroughly after applying soapy water)
※Please check our [ WORKING WITH TUBELESS TIRE for ROAD / MTB ] on the [ TECHNOLOGY GUIDE ] page to find out how to handle TUBELESS tires.
Tire is fit but can not inflate with air.

Check both sides of beads are seated in the rim without being caught at the bottom of the valve.
Moreover, adjust the bead part to the tire attaching it thoroughly around the rim. Using soapy water can make this process easier.
※The tire might have a slight bend when the product is delivered due to the way of packing. It might take some time to get it to loosen up, but it will not affect its performance.

Can’t take the tire off properly.
    ‧ Push strongly to release the bead around the valve by using the middle of both thumbs.
    ‧ Release both sides of beads.
    ‧ It’s relatively easy to work on one side of the bead at a time whichever was released first.
    Asking specialty bicycle shops to remount is recommended if it’s difficult to remove the tire. The tubeless tire levers are also sold. Keeping the tire levers with you on the road is essential in case of an emergency.

Are punctures fixable? 

Some punctures in TUBELESS bicycle tires may be repaired.
Find the location of the hole, take the tire off from the rim, and close the hole using a tube repairing patch on the inside of the tire, never on the outside of the tire. It can be repaired the same way as tube punctures. Reassemble the parts and it can be used again. If you need further assistance, please contact any local specialty bicycle shop.
Never use tires with cut/broken/damaged casings or nylon cord.
The repairer is solely responsible for the repair and any information or instructions given to the user of the repaired tire.

What are the small dents on the tread of IRC TUBELESS road tire ?

There are six depressions all around the tire which are to help decide when to replace the tire by checking the frictional wear.

What should I be careful of when storing the tire?

Please do not to use silicone type chemicals or silicone type waxes on the tire to prevent premature cracking and wear. Unwrapping after the shipment and storing in a stress free atmosphere is recommended.